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Welcome to

Your Window on North Kessock

This is YOUR village site 

The idea of this web site is to try to give everyone in North Kessock ( and beyond) an idea of what is available in the village, and hopefully bring them up to date with current happenings.

It will eventually cover everything from the two main "Committees" - Amenities Association, and Community Council,  to the local cubs.

Hopefully, the various pages will be added to and amended by those involved in the clubs etc, so that it is as up-to-date, and comprehensive as possible.

If you would like to add anything to any of the pages, or want some information, or would just like to comment, please contact me via the FEEDBACK page, on the left, and I will get back to you.

You will find at the top of most of the pages, a list of items in blue, and underlined. If you click on any of these you will be taken to the relevent part of the page.

This site will never be "finished", but at least it's started.

Joe Lindsay - webmaster   01463 731577                                                         


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